Thrifted. Upcycled. Sustainable. Affordable – that is our motto here at Rework Studio.

Our founder and jewelry maker, Nicole Ruth, has always gravitated toward luxury, especially luxury with a history. Undoubtedly, this comes with a heavy price tag. And this is how Rework Studio came into being.

Each item you see today, is handpicked and sourced from licensed luxury resellers after hours of rummaging through thrift stores. It is then carefully disassembled from the disowned luxury wear, keeping the authenticity of the embellishment intact. Then, the embellishment which is turned into your pendant goes through a rigorous process of being polished, shined and filed to turn into the unique and delicate pieces of jewelry you see today.

Your pieces are hand crafted from pre-loved shoes, bags, key chains, coats, jeans to name a few. We hope you show them the love they deserve and give them a welcoming home.

Rework Studio is not affiliated with any of the luxury products, designers or entities associated with the respective luxury house. Each luxury brand is a registered trademark of themselves. Therefore, they do not carry any direct warranty from the brand with them.